Art Gallery

Below you will find links to sections, or rooms, of my art gallery.  I hope you will enjoy your visit!

(The pages linked to the following categories are still in progress.  Please check back to see more.)

Artist trading cards (ATCs), traditionally 2 1/2" x 3 1/2", are creative endeavors that can use a broad variety of media. As is evident from their title, they are meant to be traded, never sold (though one does see them for sale). 

Like ATCs, these books can take virtually any form. They can appear not unlike traditional books, or might be wildly different. They are produced in limited editions, sometimes just a single copy. Mine are all unique items.

David Dewey, in the introduction to The Watercolor Book, describes watercolor as "a medium of beguiling ironies. It takes great skill to control, yet must appear to be free of control.  Physically it needs room to move easily, but without running away. Painting in watercolor requires a disciplined approach that at the same time does not stifle the results." Luckily, I hadn't read this before I started working with watercolor, as it probably would have scared me off.  I would have missed some pleasurable challenges, ones that I continue to grapple with.

Pastel "is both a drawing and a painting medium" (Harrison, Pastel School). I work almost exclusively with chalk pastels, not oil pastels. Intense color is easily possible with pastels, and you will see that this is a feature of my pastel paintings.

This section of my gallery is quite diverse. My work in other media includes block printing, embroidery (including gold work), and some use of acrylics in monoprinting. 

My library of books, magazines, and online resources is vast. I've provided a very limited list of items that might be of use.  It also includes details on the two books quoted above.