Trudi E. Jacobson

This site provides an introduction to me and my work. As I am now retired, there is a section on pursuits beyond those of my career.

Self-Directed Learning

I was privileged to co-author a chapter with Jako Olivier and Tom Mackey in this open access book published in November 2021. Our chapter is Aligning Metaliteracy with Self-Directed Learning to Expand Assessment Opportunities. The book, Learning Through Assessment: An Approach Towards Self Directed Learning, was edited by Elsa Mentz and Anitia Lubbe.

Self-directed learning plays a big role during retirement. While the forms of assessment may be different, often hinging on self-assessment, the urge to learn and grow can determine the trajectory of one's retirement. This is a rough and ready Google Scholar search on the topic. I will start to address SDL in the Other Pursuits section of this site.