Other Pursuits

Wikipedia Editing

I am an active Wikipedia editor, working primarily on fiber arts-related topics and women artists. These are among the articles that I started or significantly expanded:


I have recently begun to pursue watercolor painting, and even more recently, drawing with pastels. I have been taking both local and online classes. I've also become a member of a small group of amazing women painters in the Albany, NY area, The Round Table, and have participated in a few of their shows.

Rooster (Pastel)

Sunflower (Watercolor)

Crashing Waves (Pastel)

Bobbin Lacemaking

I find making bobbin lace to be very challenging, yet I am determined to do the best I can with it. It is very hard to find local bobbin lace instructors, which is why I am so delighted that The Lace Museum offers a number of online courses. The amazing and patient Karen Thompson teaches Torchon lace classes, and I am working my way through those increasingly difficult classes and their projects slowly.

Antique British Bobbins

Torchon Lace in Progress


In 2021,  was lucky enough to be amongst the first 15 or so people to sign up for a weaving study group generously led by the wonderful weaver Marcy Petrini. In that first year, we grappled with a number of weave structures and treadling methods. Several of us from that group have continued to meet monthly to explore self-selected aspects of weaving. I have gone far beyond my comfort zone thanks to the amazing members of this study group.

Overshot weaving, 10/2 and 5/2 mercerized cotton

Swivel treadling on the same warp as the overshot weaving to the left, 10/2 mercerized cotton